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1 Corinthians 3:8 (NET)
The one who plants and the one who waters work as one, but each will receive his reward according to his work.

When Ebele started preaching the gospel on campus, he noticed that it was very easy for him to bring people to accept the Lord Jesus. Even the most hardened unbelievers were being convicted and repenting. Sometimes, there was the manifestation of the prophetic and the miraculous when he preached, and this made it very easy for him to bring people to see the light of the gospel. But Ebele noticed that it was not that easy for him to disciple the many people he had led to the Lord. This was a great concern to him. He noticed that one of the brothers in the fellowship had a powerful teaching anointing and was also very successful in discipling people. He started drawing close to this brother and encouraging him to help disciple the many people that had come to the Lord through his preaching. Because of this arrangement, many of those who now believed remained in the Lord and grew greatly.

Many times, there has been a great harvest of souls through powerful gospel crusades and campaigns, but many of those new believers went back to the word because there was no proper follow-up and discipleship. There is the need for those who have the ministry to plant and those who have the ministry to water to begin to work as one. This is when we will take full advantage of the harvest that our Lord has paid for.

The ministries in the body of Christ can be divided into two departments. There are those who plant, and there are those who water. Every Christian must be involved in one of these.

Go into today remembering that everyone will be rewarded according to the work he has done. If you are not doing anything in this regard, it is time to wake up because you will give account of your stewardship before the Lord.

—SD Abraham

YBR: Psalms 69-71 (in today’s audio)
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