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We Are a nondenominational ministry


We are  a nondenominational ministry with the vision of Streaming the world with the knowledge of God.

We Love the Lord

Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we are committed to the joy of the Lord by fulfilling God’s Divine purpose on earth.

Who We Are
We Are a nondenominational ministry

Streamglobe World Outreach is a nondenominational ministry with the vision of Streaming the world with the knowledge of God through the media and every other medium possible.

Streamglobe Devotional is an interdenominational and nondenominational ministry to the body of Christ and to the world in general. Our desire is to keep you in God’s presence as you spend time reading or listening to our Devotional. We are also focused on helping Christians grow spiritually by teaching in brief and direct methods the truths of God’s word.

You may not be able to pack a bag and go to the mission field right now, but you can surely share God’s word every day on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, etc. Jesus has given us the command to go into the world, preach the Gospel, and make disciples (see Mark 16:15, Matt 28:19).

Today, many people wake up to check their smartphones for updates. Our vision at Streamglobe Outreach is to take the word of God in Devotional and Bible reading to such people every day. You can join in the campaign by sharing Streamglobe Devotional with your contacts every day.

Here’s a list of Our Directors:

Abraham Damilola Arigi (President)

Emmanuel Mayowa James (Vice President)

Ubokudom Utuokon (Vice President)

Ikechukwu Mpama (Executive Director of Publishing and Finance)

George Evuarherhe Djorhogba(Executive Director Missions/ Prayer)

Kenechukwu Ibekwe (Director)

Victor Okelewu (Director)

How to share Streamglobe Devotional

Here are easy ways to share Streamglobe Devotional:

· On WhatsApp, create a broadcast list and add all your contacts or all the contacts you intend to reach. If you have more than 256 contacts, you can create more than one broadcast list. All you need to do is to paste the devotionals you receive to the broadcast list. Note that only those who have your number as a saved contact will receive your broadcasts.

· Another way is to create a discussion group and paste the devotionals there daily. If you are no longer receiving Streamglobe Devotional on your WhatsApp, send a WhatsApp message to: +2348021680251 or +2348138224547

  • You can copy and broadcast also to your Telegram Contacts
  • You can also Copy and share Streamglobe Devotional on Your Facebook wall.

Streamglobe Devotional Audios come with Audio Bible corresponding with our Yearly Bible Plan reading. This helps our readers and listeners to go through the Bible in one year. Our Audios are highly optimized to reduce data consumption for those using metered internet plans.

Who We Are

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