Isaiah 58:6 – 7 (MSG)
“This is the kind of fast day I’m after: to break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, cancel debts. What I’m interested in seeing you do is: sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad, being available to your own families.

A waiter, after learning that he was assigned to host an important guest, set out early that day to arrive at work on time, dressed immaculately, wearing his best smile and being at his most cheerful attitude. When the guest arrived, the waiter welcomed him warmly and promptly went about attending to his requests with excellence, to the utmost satisfaction of the guest. In the end, as the guest was departing, he called the waiter, commended him and gave him a huge tip.

From the illustration above, waiting or fasting doesn’t necessarily mean a period of self-affliction, but like a true waiter, it is a strategic positioning of oneself to be attentive and sensitive to the instructions of the Most High and Special Guest, in order to give an acceptable and satisfactory service to Him, which in turn releases His blessings.

Whenever we wait or fast with regards to any situation we desire to change, we shouldn’t focus on ourselves or on the fact that we are abstaining from food or other things, rather, our focus should be on Jesus, whom we are meant to please through our service to others (Matt 25:34-40).

Such a period is also not one for indulging in ungodly activities, complaints, murmuring or trying to draw attention to our performance (Isa 58:3-5) but it should be one of continued worship and stewardship in all cheerfulness (Psa 34:1).

Go into today, knowing that as you utilize this approach in your fasting and waiting, you are sure to experience a release of life, healing, blessings and speedy answers to your prayers (Isa 40:31, Isa 58:8-9)
-Chibo E.C.

Yearly Bible Reading: Mark 1-2 (In Devotional Audio)
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