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1 Timothy 6:7 KJV
For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

Every ambassador is recalled back to his country of origin after his service. Imagine that the ambassador is from a country with infinitely better life, economy, currency, government, welfare, infrastructure, etc. than where he was assigned, would it be wise for him to spend all his time acquiring valueless money and properties in the highly impoverished country of his service?

Our scriptural guide in 1Timothy 6 contains godly lessons with respect to our attitude to worldly possessions, here are some of them:

1. The pilgrim should not be covetous but should have godly contentment. This does not mean he lacks vision and foresight, but it means he always trusts and remains grateful his needs would be met by God whenever they arise (vs 6).

2. The pilgrim should hold things loosely. This doesn’t mean he is careless. it means he views all material blessings as instruments which God can demand for His use at any time, so he is ready to release them (vs 7-8).

3. The pilgrim should desire a good rest from his journey and so he should use his money wisely for good works while on earth in order to lay up treasure in his real home (vs 18-19).

4. The pilgrim must follow the truth of God’s word no matter how old fashioned it sounds against following new trends and new age false doctrines (vs 20-21).

Abraham’s understood the pilgrim life (see Genesis 12, 13 & 17). Though an heir of the promised inheritance of the entire land of Canaan, he lived in a tent, built altars and never owned a house there! The only land he bought was for himself and his wife’s burial (Genesis 23:16-20, 25:8-10). He was always ready to move and was focused on his eternal home instead of an earthly Canaan (Hebrews 11:9-10)

Go into today living a life prepared for eternity.

-Chibo E.C.
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