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Ephesians 6:16
Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

I once had an interaction with a young man, and I noticed that he knew the things of the Lord and seemed to have some spiritual understanding. I wondered why he was living like an unbeliever. I asked him and he replied and said to me ‘I trusted God once but He failed me’. It was clear he was now living a life that was rebellious to God’s authority. I started praying for him since then. He was a casualty of spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare is really about the faith of the believer. It is not about any other mundane thing that may look like the focus of the attack. The devil is not threatened by the amount of money or anything else you can have, but he is threatened by your faith. It is most precious (1 Pet 1:7).

When Satan attacked Job’s family, wealth, health, etc. The aim was to get Job to stop trusting in God, and as a result, get him to rebel against God’s authority- curse God and die (Job 2:9). But kept the faith. He said ‘though He slays me, yet I will trust in Him’ (Job 13:15). And at the end, Job overcame.

Why does the devil seek to attack believers with setbacks? It is because he wants to get them to the point where they no longer trust in God, and as a result, they rebel against God’s authority. This rebellion manifests in compromises and sins, etc.

The way to always overcome is to keep your shield of faith up. That means no matter what, you insist on believing in God and confessing His word concerning your life and situation.

As long as the shield of faith is up, the enemy can never overcome you (Eph 6:16).

Go into today remembering that every spiritual battle is about your faith first. Keep your faith intact and you will always overcome.
-Pastor SD Abraham

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