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Proverbs 28:1(KJV)
The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Gbemi tried to convince himself that working in that abortion clinic didn’t matter, but his conscience would not let him be, and this was now telling on his fellowship with God and hindering him from walking in God’s promises. Finally, he decided to leave the Job.

Gbemi was the only doctor in that clinic that could treat patients satisfactorily. The others seemed to have become only abortion experts. His boss knew this and didn’t want him to leave so he requested to see him. When Gbemi told his boss why he was resigning, his boss who was once a fervent evangelist felt condemned by Gbemi’s courage and conviction. For a long time, Gbemi’s boss had gone out of fellowship with the Lord because of his love of money. It was a slow fade.

As a doctor turned politician, Gbemi’s boss had many political enemies and was now afflicted by demons. He could not even sleep at night without pills. Somehow, Gbemi’s action reminded him of how low he had fallen. He later broke down in tears of repentance and was restored. This process of restoration was initiated by the Lord through Gbemi’s action.

Whenever our consciences bear the guilt of sin, we must do everything to drop that weight of condemnation because a guilty conscience hinders us from fellowship with God and takes away our boldness to walk in His promises. There is a level of spiritual boldness that only comes when we have whole consciences furnished with the consciousness of our righteousness in Christ. The righteous is as bold as a lion.

Go into today remembering that there is nothing in this life as important as your fellowship with the Lord God. Ask the Lord to help you cast away every guilt and hindrance to this fellowship.

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