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Brothers and sisters, do not be children in your thinking. Instead, be infants in evil, but in your thinking be mature.
Aku grew up among some of the most cunning and dishonest people, so this made him very suspicious and untrusting. This affected his relationships with his friends even after he became a believer,  and this even affected his relationship with his wife because he was too suspicious and untrusting.
As he became more spiritually mature,  he understood that because he was in Christ,  he was not the one taking care of himself but the Lord. He stopped being suspicious and untrusting.  He realized that being that way had not really helped him in life. It alienated his friends and made it impossible for him to enjoy the peace of God. Even though he remained wise and observant, he stopped being a suspicious untrusting person because he now understood that his life was God’s idea and his security God’s responsibility.
In today’s Bible verse, we see a very important guiding principle of thinking that every Christian should imbibe. We are not to be children in our thinking, but when it comes to evil and malice, we are to be children. We can afford this because we are children of Almighty God.
There are revelations that God cannot reveal to believers who are too simple and childish in their thinking and reasoning. But there are depths of peace that cannot be reached by those who are too suspicious and untrusting.
 God wants us to be advanced and critical in our reasoning because He wants to reason with us(see Isaiah 1:8). He doesn’t want us to be simple thinkers who can be swayed by winds of highfalutin doctrines.
One way to ensure we are not simpletons and childish in our reasoning is for us to have hearts that seek knowledge and understanding. “…with all thy getting get understanding”–Proverbs 4:7.
Read, ask questions, seek to know. The internet is not only meant for social media but can be used for wisdom and understanding imparting research.

Prayer: Lord, give me a heart that seeks wisdom and understanding. Amen.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi
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