Psalm 118:6 (KJV)
The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

Further Reading: Psa 124, Rom 8:31-33

A toddler who only began to walk recently was holding the hand of her mother in a mall. Each time she mistakenly stumbled, her mom held and propped her up to her feet so that she wouldn’t fall. But growing in excitement, against her mom’s wishes, the toddler wanted to walk on her own. Through persistence, she removed her tiny fingers from her mother’s hand but didn’t get really far, as only a few yards away, she tripped, fell and began to cry.

The world today is full of evil and increased atrocities that make one want to hide in fear. But according to God’s word, it is clear that God is on the side of those who worship Him. He is on our side regardless of the magnitude of our opposition (2 Kings 6:16). Even when we stumble in ignorance, just like a mother, God is there to uphold us (Psa 145:14). We must believe it, know it and confess it.

There are many instances in the Bible when God wasn’t on the side of the Israelites and as a result, they lost several battles. Same also can be said for the believer. God loves us and desires to always be on our side, but if we deliberately lose our hands from His and decide to go solo like that toddler, we would stumble and fall.

The word of God in Amos 3:3 becomes very apt because it means that unless we remain in agreement with God (His Will), we cannot be guaranteed that He is on our side.

Go into today in agreement and obedience to God’s word and be assured of a life in Christ without the fear of any present or future dangers because God will always be by your side (Rom 8:38-39).

—Chibo E.C.

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