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Dan 2:16 (BET)
So Daniel went in, and desired of the king that he would give him time, and that he would shew the king the interpretation.
Lanre was in a quandary, what should he do?
It was in church after the Wednesday midweek service as they were saying the grace, he heard clearly in the spirit “Go and meet Bosun, I have a word for him”. But Lanre was having a battle with himself, how will I, a 19-year-old boy go meet the Choir leader, what will I tell him? What if I meet him and no (further) words come and I’ll be looking like a fool. How am I even sure that this is not my mind playing tricks on me? What should Lanre do? Better still, what would you do?
In our text today, the king had already ordered the killing of all the wise men and astrologers of Babylon because they couldn’t tell him his dream and its interpretation. The astrologers and wise men of Babylon had cried out that such a task was only possible for gods whose dwelling was not with men, they didn’t know any better. But Daniel went to the king asking for some time so he could come up with the dream and its interpretation. Note that when Daniel went in to the king he had neither the dream nor its interpretation, but he had his faith. He had faith in the God of heaven, he had faith that he could receive from the Lord.

To be fruitful with your gifts, you must have faith that the gift of God can and will flow through you. Take a cue from Peter and John in Acts 3:6,12,16.

Go into today remembering that the power is not yours but Jesus’ but he has given you the authority to use His power; have faith that this power will flow through you and by so doing give expression to your gifts.
Prayer: Lord, please help my unbelief and help me walk in my gifts.

—Ikechukwu Mpama

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