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1 Corinthians 16:14 (NET)  
Everything you do should be done in love.

When Seyi became a parent,  she understood that love sometimes meant she needed to be hard and tough for the good of her children. She realized that not being tough at times was simply because of self-love. It’s easier sometimes to ignore the foolishness in the heart of a child than to engage on the rigorous and painstaking work of ‘tough love’ required to deliver that child from growing into an undisciplined adult.

This understanding now made it easier for her to understand the many tough decisions God had to make as Father of all spirits and God of all flesh. She started understanding why sometimes God would make a severe decision against a certain group of people because He wanted to preserve the rest of the human race from destruction.

After carefully studying the Old Testament,  I have come to the conclusion that everything God does is out of great love. If you see God kill a person or group of people,  it is because of His great love for every other person whose survival would hang in the balance if the iniquity of those people is allowed to spread.
Consider the human race like a human body with a gangrenous limb due to an unhealed wound. A good doctor might have to amputate the gangrenous limb to save the rest of the body from becoming gangrenous and dying. God had to judge some people off the face of the earth because He wanted to preserve the rest of humankind from the level of corruption that would have made it impossible for Christ to come and save us.

We as humans have not been given the awesome responsibility to judge people that way. We are to leave that responsibility to God. We are to however do everything in love. We are to love even our enemies and pray for them because we know God will already judge them in due time(see Matthew 5:43-45).

Go into today remembering that doing everything in love is the hallmark of God’s holiness in us. This is the way to unleash the greatest power of the kingdom in your life.

Prayer: Father,  teach me to do all things in love and forever give you all glory.

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—Dr. Emmanuel James
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