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Colossians 2:6 (KJV)
As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him.

One way Bimpe knew she was falling spiritually was that she could no longer pray the way she always prayed. She also observed that she no longer had the strength to do the spiritual things she used to do before. She used to be very committed to evangelism and follow up. There were certain young girls she used to actively pray for and follow up, but she found that she now considered all these an unbearable burden. Added to this, something happened that showed her how spiritually impoverished she had become. She was confronted by a colleague who was involved in the occult, and she found that she was deeply afraid of his threats because there was no more power in her spirit. This was unthinkable when she was still in the country. Such people feared her and some of them became her converts.

Bimpe also observed that new temptations and lusts started becoming stronger and stronger in her heart. This was when she knew she had to take decisive action. She left that new church and took out some time to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting.

She made up her mind that the demonic powers and rulers in the city would not reduce her to a loaf of bread. She went back to her old sermon notes and revised her understanding of the kingdom of God the way she once and for all received it. This was how she was saved from the corruption of that city that had reduced many believers to spiritually powerless noisemakers.

Go into today asking the Lord to deliver you from everything that seeks to reduce you and render you fruitless in your pursuit of the knowledge of God (see 2 Pet 1:8).

-SD Abraham

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