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1 Peter 2:24 (NET)
He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we may cease from sinning and live for righteousness. By his wounds you were healed.

As a medical student, Daniel had seen a few people receive divine healing by faith. When he now had an incurable medical condition, he knew that the Lord could heal him. He started trusting in the Lord for his healing. He started giving special heed to the word of God and reading books that would build his faith in that area. After doing this for months, a time came that he just knew without a doubt that he was now healed. He went for medical tests and the tests showed that the disease was still there. But his faith did not waver even as he had to continue his treatment. Two weeks later, when praying in the spirit, he was reminded by the Holy Ghost that he was indeed healed. He went for the tests again, and this time the disease was completely gone. Everyone in the lab couldn’t believe it.

If you are in Christ Jesus, your divine healing has already been paid for on the cross. Your healing is already available, but you have to receive it by faith.

Before you became born again, you had to receive the salvation that Jesus paid for by faith. Someone told you about it and you believed it. And because you believed it, you received it. That is the same way we receive divine healing. We hear that we are healed and we believe it. Then we receive it.

Some people only have faith to receive salvation from sin (which is the most important work that Christ did on the cross). But any faith that can receive salvation from sin can anything else.

Go into today knowing that Christ Jesus paid for all you need on the cross (2 Pet 1:3). Your salvation from sin and death, your healing, your prosperity, your sanctification, your wisdom, your peace and joy, etc..
-Pastor SD Abraham

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