Rev 3:11 (NET) I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have so that no one can take away your crown.

Nkechi knew she was supposed to be singing and using her beautiful voice to edify many and draw them to the kingdom of God. But she was too busy with her bank job to think about that.

One day, she lost her job and had to pray to the Lord to help her find another one or find something productive to do. As she prayed, she knew that her prayers were not going anywhere. She started asking the Lord why she didn’t feel the flow of His Spirit and the normal assurance she would receive when she prayed.

The next day, she heard her pastor preaching from John 15. He said that the reason many Christians do not see answered prayers is because they are not fruitful (see John 15:16). He went on to define fruitfulness as when your life produces the fruit of the spirit and also when it produces the fruit of God’s investment in you. The pastor now went on to use singing as an example. That if a Christian hides (ignores) his talent and ministry, that Christian is not fruitful.

Nkechi broke down in tears and repented. She knew she had been playing with her crown and walking in disobedience. The next week, she applied to join the choir.

Many Christians are walking in half of their spiritual authority and power because they are not fully walking in their calling. They don’t realize that the reason the men of God [they run to] are walking in more spiritual authority is because they are more fully committed to their calling. Not necessarily because they are more holy.

Go into today knowing that your crown signifies authority. Christians give away their authority when they are more committed to serving mammon than serving God.

Ask the Lord to help you in this regard.

—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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