Ephesians 3:15 KJV “Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named”

Didn’t God know that man will rebel? Why did He create man? Why won’t He just give up on him after the rebellion? Why did He painstakingly create a way of reconciling man to Himself?

The need to be loved and to love seem to be the greatest need of mankind. A man will do the unthinkable to secure the affection of others, the case of a man loving a woman is a typical example; he just cannot rest until he has gotten the one he loves.

Our Bible text describes an important attribute of God; He loves to have a family. There are already members of His family in heaven(believers who have fallen asleep) and others on earth. This is the reason He made man; He wants an eternal family.

The devil however interfered with this wish of God before he had executed it, and like a man in love who will not give up on the one he loves, God did not give up on man. Because He desires a family, he instituted little pockets of the family; a man, his wife, and their children. But this failed because of the corruption of the fall. So He chose Israel and brought Jesus out of her who in turn founded another family; the Church.

The first family failed because the head– man failed, but this new family will not fail because Christ Himself is the head, and He did not fail. It is now sure that God’s initial desire will be actualized. The big question however is, are you a part of this family? If you are, have you recognized that everyone who belongs in this family is your sibling?

Go into today knowing that the Church is God’s family and all of us who have been born into this family are siblings. We are to live as brothers and sisters bound by God’s love and Jesus’ blood. Read John 13:35.

Prayer: I receive the grace to see and relate with other children of God as my siblings who I love, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
—Dr. Emmanuel James

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