Romans 4:16 (NET) For this reason it is by faith so that it may be by grace

Demola knew that he had the gift of teaching and imparting knowledge. He understood that this was the measure of Christ’s gift that he had received(see Ephesians 4:7). He was not anxious about imparting knowledge because he knew he had a special ability from God to do so. With time, he came to observe that whenever he doubted his ability to impart knowledge, he struggled to access the grace that God had given him to teach, but whenever his faith was unshaken, he taught excellently, by the empowerment of grace. In Demela’s case, it was the grace to impart knowledge. For someone else, it may be the grace to be an excellent engineer, a fashion designer, a plumber, a surgeon, an evangelist, a prophet, etc.

Every provision of God’s grace can only be accessed through faith(Romans 12:3, Ephesians 2:8). It cannot be accessed any other way. If God has told you that he has given you a particular grace, believe it and

expect to see that grace manifest in your life.

Because faith(believing) always has attendant actions, look out for the disciplines and actions of faith that would help boost your faith to walk in that grace.

The advantage of cultivating fellowship with the Lord (through His word and Prayer) is that you will get to hear His voice and accurately know the specific graces he has given you and the timing for their manifestations. A robust relationship with the Lord will also help you understand the disciplines that will help boost your faith for that grace to manifest consistently.

Go into today remembering that faith is the way by which the grace of God is accessed. If you have been given a grace, believe that you have it and expect it to manifest. This is how we excel as God’s people in this world.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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