Isaiah 26:3 (NET) You keep completely safe the people who maintain their faith, for they trust in you.

When Sylvia wanted to travel overseas for the first time, she heard that there was a new virus in Wuhan China called coronavirus. Because she was a medical personnel, she understood how these viruses spread and knew that the virus was most certainly already spreading in the city she was traveling to. After she got to the city, a lockdown was declared and she was stuck in that city for several months. That city eventually became the worst hit city by the virus now popularly called covid 19. Millions of people died in that city, including many in her profession. Many of the medical personnel in the medical institution she was training in contracted the virus and died.

Sylvia was never afraid of dying from the virus because before she left for the training that took her to that city, she sought the Lord and got His consent. Because she trusted the Lord, she knew He wouldn’t give her consent to go on a journey in which she would meet an untimely death.

Even though Sylvia worked with so many medical personnel who contracted the virus and died, she was kept completely safe from the virus because she trusted in the Lord. For some reason, Sylvia understood that if she allowed her faith to waver and join the rest of her colleagues in their fear and self-pity, she would expose herself spiritually and contract the virus. All she knew was that the Lord had spoken to her and she was not going to doubt His promises. This was the basis of her faith that became contagious and led to the recovery of her sister who got the virus but was miraculously healed when Sylvia prayed for her.

Go into today remembering that trusting completely in the Lord is the secret to enjoying God’s unparalleled protection and grace.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, please help me trust you completely, so I can enjoy your unparalleled protection

— Abraham Damilola Arigi

Yearly Bible: Nahum

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