Joshua 24:24 (NIV) And the people said to Joshua, “The LORD our God we will serve, and his voice we will obey.”

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony? The kind where the groom would already be in the auditorium standing before the priest when the bride would walk in by her father while soft melodious music plays in the background creating quite an atmosphere. By the time the father gets to the altar, under the direction of the clergy, he hands over the bride to the groom. The moment can be so moving that many a groom have been known to shed a tear or two at this moment.

Soon after, the clergy will guide them through the vows, where they pledge their allegiance to each other for all time and in all circumstances. They usually seal the vow with the exchange of rings and also with a kiss. All so moving.

However, no matter how moving and close to tears such an auspicious occasion is, you must realize that even though the vow of matrimony is taken in an atmosphere of great emotions, it is kept by a commitment to serve and to further the interest of the other partner under God. That commitment will have to be kept sometimes under the most inconvenient circumstances, and as important as words of affirmation are, when not backed up by corresponding actions, they begin to sound hollow and devoid of weight and meaning.

In our text today, we find a critical ingredient that constitutes a vow of allegiance to the Lord. This vow, when stripped to its core is simply a response to a call to discipleship and it involves knowing the Lord, serving him, and obeying his commands. Every vow of allegiance to Jesus invariably implies a decision to serve and obey Him.

You might have been in a worship service, where the word came so powerfully and the prayer and worship that followed was so intense, and in the midst of such a glorious atmosphere, you made a vow to follow the Lord, you might have underscored that vow with a song. Just remember, should you choose to honor that vow, it must go beyond that atmosphere of worship and transcend into your daily life and living, it must show up in your quest to know him, it must manifest in your willingness and readiness to obey him.

Go into today with a mind made up to follow the Lord truly all the days of your life.
—Ikechukwu Mpama

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