Matthew 21:12-13 (NET)Then Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all those who were selling and buying in the temple courts, and turned over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves. And he said to them, “It is written, ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are turning it into a den of robbers!”

When Dayo moved to the city, he started attending a church that was very popular, but something was missing in that church. They didn’t pray much. They even despised the idea of having all-night prayer meetings (even though many of the church members who were very busy during the week would have found that an opportunity to pray and spend quality time with God), and their normal meetings hardly exceeded 90mins. In such meetings, one wouldn’t get to pray for more than 10mins.

Dayo’s smartphone was stolen the first Sunday he attended that church, the next Sunday, somebody reached into his pocket and stole his money inside the church. Many of his church brothers and sisters were businesspeople using the church as a place to meet clients. In just three weeks, Dayo had been approached (in church) by 9 different multi-level marketing proposals. It was clear that many of the church members didn’t really love God.

We can learn from today’s Bible verses that when prayer has been taken away from God’s house, it becomes a den of robbers. God’s house should be a place of prayer, but if it is not, it becomes a den of thieves.

Your life should be a life of prayer because you are also God’s temple. If there is one activity that you do the most, it should be praying.

Go into today remembering that God wants you to pray without ceasing (see 1 Thess 5:17). This is the secret of a healthy spiritual [and physical] life in Christ. Prayer increases the flow of grace and power.
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– Abraham Dami Arigi

Yearly Bible Plan: Ruth 1-4

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