1 Peter 4:10 (KJV) “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God”.

Duke graduated as the best graduating student in his faculty and won all the academic awards for the year. He set a new record in academic excellence in that faculty. Because of his performance, he was retained in the school, won several scholarships, and in few years, earned several other degrees including three doctorate degrees. Because of his academic excellence, he became really proud. He, however, could not get married because no woman was willing to live with him because of his arrogance. It was at his 45th birthday that he discovered that his academic excellence was simply the product of a manifestation of God’s grace. This humbled him so much that he repented from his pride and began to ask God’s grace for marriage. He got married few months after this discovery.

The grace of God is many-sided and is manifested in varied forms, however, the purpose is the same; ministry (service) to the body of Christ and to all people by extension.

The grace of God manifested in Bezaleel (Exo. 31:3) and Daniel (Dan.1:17) as wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill. It manifested in Solomon as wisdom and power to get wealth (1 Kings 10:23). It manifested in Elijah as [spiritual] power and authority (1 Kings 17:1) and in Deborah as leadership acumen(Judges 5:7), just to list a few.

If you enjoy uncommon strength in an area of life, it is most likely because you have found grace in that area, and if you are week in other areas it is most likely because you are yet to find grace in such areas. If you have found an area of weakness, the appropriate and godly response should be to ask for grace. Keep on asking and seeking until strength is manifested in that area (2 Corinthians 12:9), and if you have found strength, keep a humble disposition (1Peter 5:5).

Go into today remembering that the grace that you have received was given to you for the sake of edifying(building up and embellishing) the body of Christ.

Prayer: pray against pride in your area of strength and ask for grace in your area of weakness(s).
—Dr. Emmanuel James

Bible in One Year: II Corinthians 6-8 (In Devotional Audio)
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