Hebrews 2:5 (KJV)  For unto the angels hath he not put in subjection the world to come, whereof we speak.

After Oyemade told his brethren about the threats from the people who wanted him to join their secret cults, they prayed together and agreed that he was to continue with the political race. He was thinking of leaving the race before because he understood that we believers would still reign over this earth when the Lord returns, but when it became clearer that his major opponent was an antichrist liberal whose agenda was to implement certain anti-Christ liberal policies, he was emboldened to continue in the race. Two months to the election, he was having a prayer walk in his compound at night when someone appeared to him through the back fence wall. Oyemade noticed that the man that appeared to him was surprised that he wasn’t afraid but rather spoke in tongues and commanded him to get out of his compound. Apparently, the man came to scare him out of the race, but Oyemade didn’t give the man the benefit of even speaking before he exercised authority over him– he vanished in terror.

In spite of the opposition from the kingdom of darkness, Oyemade won the election and was able to stifle the tide of antichrist liberal policies in his city.

The reason Oyemade could win that election against the will of the prince of this world (and his principalities) was because he too was a functional prince in God’s eternal kingdom and he used the superior authority of the Kingdom to conquer on the earth. Every true believer is a prince in God’s kingdom, but many are not functioning in their capacity because of spiritual ignorance and laziness.

Many believers who get to the high places in this world and become overpowered fail because they do not surround themselves with the right people and the right systems. A believer representing Christ in the high places of this world (media and entertainment, big business, government, politics, etc) must be as committed to prayer and the word as an apostle at the forefront of missionary work in hostile places.

Daniel is a good example. He was so committed to prayer(see Daniel 6:10) that even his enemies took notice. David is another good example of a man that succeeded in fulfilling God’s purposes in the high places of this world. He too was a man committed to prayer and the word. He prayed in the evening, morning and afternoon every day (Psalm 55:17). He prayed and meditated on God’s word at night (Psalm 119:148). He had men of God around him who were not dazzled by his earthly greatness. Nathan could bring a message of stern rebuke from the Lord to King David and he would repent (see 1Samuel 12:1-14).

Those who would be witnesses for Christ in the high places of this world must realize that they are there for God’s kingdom agenda, not for themselves. They must rid themselves of the love of money and always remember that they have the backing of God’s Eternal government that rules over everything.

Prayer: Lord, give me the strength to stand for you in the high places of this world. Amen.

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—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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