Topic: Understanding How God Rewards

Text: Matthew 25:14-29

Varying abilities are given to us by God to do business with (Luke19:13) and it is based on these abilities that we will be judged as faithful or unfaithful. God will require from us according to what He has given us (Luke 12:48). Understanding how God rewards us will help us stay faithful doing what He has committed to us and help us avoid unhealthy competitions (2 Corinthians 10:12).

1) What does the Bible say about working for God? 1Co 15:58, Hebrews 6:10, 2Tim 2:6

2) Discuss the different kinds of rewards in the kingdom? Mark 10:28-30

3) What can we learn from Mark 10:31 regarding how God rewards?

4) Will every work be rewarded? 1 Co 3:8,13-15, 2Tim2:5

5) What kind of work will fail the test of fire? Matthew 6:1-4, 1 Co 13:1-3. Give examples.

6) What should our response to working for God be? Luke 16:10, 1 Co 4:2

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