John 17:17 (AMP) Sanctify them [purify, consecrate, separate them for Yourself, make them holy] by the truth. Your Word is Truth.

Jide had always wanted to do great things for God. He remembers the day he was saved as though it were yesterday. So great was his gratitude to God that he vowed to spend his days serving God, reaching the nations and drawing millions to Christ. However, some years down the line and it looked as though nothing were happening. Instead of the big call to do great things for God, he had instead been stuck in a rot. He was getting a bit disillusioned and was beginning to wonder if perhaps God was even willing to use him.

Jesus praying for His disciples shortly before his death prayed the Father to not take away the disciples from the world but rather to sanctify them with the truth. The idea of sanctification connotes being set apart for holy use. Where ‘holy use’ does not primarily refer to the usage but rather to the User–God. As far as the believer is garbed in this jar of clay, he remains God’s worker waiting to be posted to any assignment of God’s choosing. However, God will use those who have made themselves available for His use and are usable.

The day you got born again, you got initiated into God’s workforce, however, you need to report to duty and be given the proper training, tools, and work plan for the work. God’s word, accompanied with prayer, is God’s instrument for beating the believer into shape for duty. As you abide in the word and give yourself to it, the word will work on you by the Spirit of Truth to become available and usable. The truth of God’s word sets you apart for holy use. You will begin to think His thoughts, you get plugged into His frequency and you will find your place in his team and your name on his roster.

Jide began to actively seek the Lord in prayer and meditation on His word, all the while jettisoning his grandiose plans of ministry. He found God’s plan for his life begin to unfold before his eyes. And step after step of faith and obedience, he walked deeper and farther into God’s divine call for his life.

Remember, if you allow the world, it will beat you into its own mold. But if you allow the word, it will transform you so you can do the good, perfect and acceptable will of God. Go for the word.

Prayer: Lord, sanctify me and me usable for your good purpose. Amen.

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—Ikechukwu Mpama

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