Ephesians 2:6 (NET) and he raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus

Nonye was really displeased with her stepmother because she didn’t attend her wedding. She had surgery and had to miss the wedding, but Nonye said to herself that if it were her own daughter, she would have still found a way to make it for the wedding. Such was the relationship between Nonye and her stepmother – filled with suspicion and misunderstanding. Nonye who had lost her mom when she was very young didn’t have the best relationship with her stop mother.

When Nonye gave birth to her first child, her stepmother was the first to come and insist that she would stay to take care of the baby and her. Nonye was suspicious but this time, she was now more spiritually mature because she was married to a man who knew and feared the Lord. Former Nonye would have never allowed her stepmother to stay in her house, but because she was now more spiritually mature, she was more accommodating, less fearful, and less suspicious. She got to this point by realizing that abiding in christ meant his character and nature will manifest through her.

While Nonye’s stepmother stayed in her house to take care of the baby, she observed that Nonye had truly changed. Nonye was now kind, gentle, humble, and very considerate. After one and a half months, Nonye’s changed life brought conviction to her stepmother’s heart and she accepted the Lord Jesus. The reason Nonye could lead her stepmother to the Lord was that she was now living like a representative of Christ.

Today’s verse reveals what happens to us who are in Christ. Because we are in Christ, where He is seated is where we are too. This is made possible by the Holy Spirit who is our vital connection with Christ. Even though we are physically on the earth, through the Holy Spirit that dwells in us, we are connected to Christ. We dwell in Him and He in us.

Go into today remembering that you should abide in Christ if you are born again. If you reckon yourself to dwell in Christ, then live and act like Him.

Prayer: Lord, help me truly abide in you and walk in the authority of your throne.

—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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