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Psalms 91:12 (KJV) They (angels) shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Tara was to travel from Enugu to Abuja. Because she was not used to Enugu, she depended on the taxi driver to take her to the motor park where she would board a vehicle going to Abuja.

It became clear to her that something unusual was going on when she was in that car for up to 40 minutes. The driver later told her that he had lost his way, but later found it. By the time she got to the motor park, the first bus going to Abuja just filled up. She knew she would have to wait another two hours for the next bus to fill up. She was so angry with the taxi driver for wasting her time that she refused to pay him his complete fee. Unlike other taxi drivers, he didn’t react, but simply collected what she gave him and left.

When the bus she entered eventually took off, four hours into their journey, they saw the bus she missed burning. It had collided with a truck and no one could survive. She had missed this fatal accident because her taxi driver wasted her time. She now knew that God used his angels to make him waste her time, or he himself was an angel.

Remember that the promise of supernatural angelic protection in today’s Bible verse is for the person that dwells in the secret place of the most High (see Psalm 91:1). Dwelling in the Secret Place of God is only possible by faith in Christ Jesus because He is the only way to God (see John 14:6).

Go into today thanking God that you are under His shadow if you are born again. If you are not yet born again, today is the day of your salvation.

-Abraham Damilola Arigi

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