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2 Thessalonians 2:15 (NLT) With all these things in mind, dear brothers and sisters, stand firm and keep a strong grip on the teaching we passed on to you both in person and by letter.

The realities of this ‘social media’ age is the heightened need for acceptance. People want to be liked and fear being different. The world is becoming more and more intolerant of anyone holding an unpopular view, and anyone who doesn’t agree with the general view is labeled intolerant, phobic and narrow-minded. In light of this, believers are under pressure to shift grounds and compromise the truth in order to conform to the demands of an ever-changing world.

However, the word of God warns, keep a firm grip on the truth. It is a command. Christian values remain the same as has ever been. Jude 1:3 describes our faith as one that has been handed once and for all times to us. Keep a firm grip on the truth, understand that the Christian/godly stance on sexual purity has not been modified, its stance on integrity remains the same, and its stance on love is still as was given…Hold fast to these truths as revealed in God’s word. Because as Hebrews chapter 2 verse 1 succinctly puts it,

“So we must be more careful to follow what we were taught. We must be careful so that we will not be pulled away from the true way” (Easy-to-Read Version).

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please help me build my life according to the culture of your kingdom. Fill me with your Spirit and help me never to cave to the pressures of this world, In Jesus Name. Amen.

-Ikechukwu Mpama

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