Proverbs 13:11(NLT) Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time.

The smartphone or device with which you are reading or listening to this devotional was purchased because it meets your needs of communication and entertainment. The manufacturer has made money because he has met a need.

Christians are righteous and just people. God blesses us by giving us ideas that help us solve problems. Wealth is generated when problems are solved. Unproductive forms of making money include schemes that promise to produce gain but have no productivity. They include gambling and Ponzi schemes.

As attractive as unproductive forms of making money may look, they are what the Bible calls get-rich-quick schemes. They ultimately bring every society to its knees economically. Imagine that everyone in the world was only involved in such schemes to make money; there would be no more food to eat, no new clothes to wear and no machines to use. The world will shut down because there would no more be productivity but only greed.

A Ponzi scheme is one that promises to provide money and help, yet it has no form of productivity. The only thing a Ponzi scheme does is to use the money new people bring in to pay those who have already brought in money. When there are no more new people in the system, it is bound to crash and produce great loss and pain to the investors; people who invested with the expectation to make gains.

Everyone who makes a profit through a Ponzi scheme or betting makes money from the potential loss of someone else. I believe one of the demonic assignments of Ponzi schemes (betting, gambling, some forms of financial speculation) is to take the power to make real wealth from the people of God.

Go into today knowing that as a Christian, it is not everything the world does to make money that you can do. God empowers you to make enduring wealth according to His principles of righteousness and justice.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

Bible in 1 Year: I Peter 1-3
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