Galatians 5:22 (NET) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness

After Lanre had given his life to Christ and was now abiding and flourishing in Christ, he was really concerned about getting married to the right person. Bridget was the first person who came to his mind. He met her when he just graduated from college and he really wanted to be close to her but she refused because he was not a believer then. He had moved to another city when he gave his life to Christ and had lost contact with her.

When he knew he was now ready to get married, the only woman he wanted was Bridget. He traveled to her city to go and look for her. He knew his quest wouldn’t be so difficult because he knew the church in which she was a committed worker.

When he got to that city and found her, he was so disappointed because he saw that she was engaged and had already set a wedding date.

On getting back to his city, he wanted to marry just anyone he met. He was a very successful good-looking young man, and he knew getting a sister who would be interested wouldn’t be hard. But the Holy Spirit spoke to him to “be patient. I have prepared a wife for you”. Ever since he got back from seeing Bridget, there was a spirit of haste that came upon him to get married to the next available sister. That spirit of haste would have led him to marry the wrong sister. But because he had received the divine nature, the word that the Holy Spirit ministered to him made him patient in the hope that God was going to do what he said.

Impatience is a vice that can make people stray out of God’s plan for them. It was responsible for Abraham bringing forth Ishmael, a seed that would be a thorn in the flesh of the promised seed. Impatience is an attribute of the Adamic nature and an inhibitor of faith. It causes undue delays for believers who are waiting to receive the promises of God.

Go into today remembering that Impatience is a spiritual cancer that saps the power of faith, introduces undue delays, and leads to undesirable outcomes in the journey of the believer. 

—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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