Matthew 19:1-2 (NET) Now when Jesus finished these sayings, he left Galilee and went to the region of Judea beyond the Jordan River. Large crowds followed him, and he healed them there.

Obinna accepted the Lord Jesus and continued to grow in his walk with God. He realized that the goal of God in calling us is that we become like Christ (see Romans 8:29), so he was committed to becoming like Christ. But he was very aware that there were spiritual ailments that bedeviled him and this was a problem that followed every member of his family. One of the manifestations of this spiritual ailment was that no member of his family ever excelled in anything good. His elder brothers were thieves and his younger sister lived in a brothel.

As Obinna continued to follow the Lord, he observed that he was now free. He was now able to excel in good things and prosper. His pastor encouraged him to return to school and he heeded his pastor’s advice. Five years after he accepted Christ he graduated from a university as the best in his class, with multiple job offers. Through him, salvation and deliverance from generational curses came into his family. As Obinna’s focus shifted to becoming more like Christ, the yokes in his life that could not enslave Christ began to break off because he was becoming more like Christ. The key to spiritual liberty is allowing yourself to become more like Christ daily. This happens as you give yourself daily to prayer and the infusion of God’s word.

From today’s Bible verse, we see that during the Lord’s earthly ministry, he healed the people that followed Him. If you will follow Jesus today, he will heal you of every physical and spiritual infirmity.

Go into today remembering that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He healed those who followed Him then, He will heal you today if you truly follow Him and become His disciple.

Prayer Confession: I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am free from all curses and walk in the blessing of Abraham.

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—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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