Proverbs 26:2 (NET) Like a fluttering bird or like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause does not come to rest.

At 42, Dare was still unsettled in life. He wasn’t married and was still moving from place to place, living with his friends who were now tired of housing him. By the time he turned 43, he did some personal reflection and realized that his inability to settle down and prosper was abnormal. He traced back and realized that this all started 8 years ago when his former pastor placed a curse on him.

He used to be a worker under this pastor when they had a falling out and Dare told him he wanted to leave the church. The pastor was so grieved that he said “you want to leave? You can go, but know you will never settle down in life”.

This is what really happened: the church was moving to their new venue and bought some pricey musical instruments and equipment. Dare was the deacon who oversaw all of that, but there were allegations that he misappropriated millions during the process. His pastor got wind of the disturbing allegations and wanted to find out what was really going on. It was in the middle of this process that Dare informed his pastor that he was leaving the church. Indeed, Dare had used his position to divert millions of Naira into his personal account.

Eight years had passed, and it was now clear to Dare that his life was under the limiting force of a curse. He was now sorry for his conduct and wanted the curse to be broken.

That curse could alight on Dare’s life because he was not guiltless but was a thief. He needed to repent of that iniquity in order to break free of that curse.

Many people are operating under curses because their lives have been warped by iniquity. In order to break free of such curses, there needs to be true repentance before God, and sometimes before man.

Go into today remembering that no curse can alight upon you if you walk uprightly before the Lord. Generational curses will only find expression in the life of the person who has not broken free from the generational iniquity that made it possible for that curse to alight.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to help you walk uprightly and above all curses and limitations. Repent of every transgression of God’s law that can be used as a basis for curses.

Confession: I am free in Christ; Free of curses and limitations. I am blessed and prosperous. In Jesus’ name.

—Abraham Dami Arigi

Bible In One Year: Jeremiah 42-46

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