1 Corinthians 15:33 (NET) Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

When Rex was in the university, he rededicated his life to Christ and determined to live the rest of his life to please the Lord. At this point, Rex had enough spiritual understanding to know that life had no meaning if it was not lived in the center of God’s will. Many of his old friends in the university laughed at him because they said he was becoming too fanatical, but he sincerely pitied them because they were walking in darkness and did not understand how lost they were. He tried to help them but they could not see.
Many years passed and Rex made some Christian friends who were not really committed to the Lord. These friends knew what to say and how to appear as believers, but they did not truly love the Lord. With time, Rex found that his love for the Lord had waxed cold and he could do nothing about it. He found that he was now tending towards the category of even those his old university friends he used to pity. He didn’t understand how he fell so far, his faith seemed to have eroded.
When he decided that he could not continue to waste his life, he sought for help, and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit through a servant of God, he found that his ‘Christian’ friend who did not truly love the Lord was now the biggest influence in his life the devil was using to corrupt him.
Evil company corrupts good manners. The devil understands this too well. If he wants to destroy the destiny of a believer,  he would try to connect that believer with friends who would be a bad influence on that believer spiritually. It is not every ‘believer’ that can be your friend. The most important thing in this life for us as believers is pleasing and serving the Lord. If we have friends that don’t have the same convictions, their corrupted value system will get into us and corrupt us.
If you mingle dirty and clean clothes together in a closet, the clean clothes are the ones that get contaminated.
Go into today remembering that for you, an unbeliever is not just someone who does not believe in the Lord, but someone who does not believe in the Lord the way you believe in and love the Lord. A person may be called a believer, but if he does not truly love the Lord, he would be a stumbling block for the sanctified believer.
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— Abraham Damilola ArigiYearly Bible Plan: Job 31-32 (In Devotional Audio)

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