1 Cor 10:12 (NLT) If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.

Demola was very confident in his ability to withstand temptations. He did not know that he was now confident in his own strength and no more in the grace of God. Because of this self-confidence, he walked out of the leading of the Holy Spirit and started to fraternize with his old friends who were unbelievers. He would follow them to the club (but wouldn’t drink). It was just a matter of time before he fell into sin all over again(see 11 Cor 6:14-18).

We can learn from today’s Bible text that when a Christian is overconfident, he is likely to fall. An overconfident Christian is so because he has been deceived to think it is impossible for him to fall. So he tends to be careless with things he shouldn’t be careless with.

Every Christian must have the assurance that he is saved and has right standing (righteousness) with God. This assurance is the basis for spiritual stability and might. This assurance actually keeps us from all appearances of sin, because we love our purity so much that we don’t want to take any chances.

Go into today remembering that depending on God’s grace and being sure of your salvation keeps you from playing with sins and exposing yourself to temptations. Self-confidence is what makes a Christian play with sin and think he cannot fall.

Ask the Lord to help you to always walk in His grace and grow.
—Abraham Damilola Arigi

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