Galatians 3:16 (NET) Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his descendant. Scripture does not say, “and to the descendants,” referring to many, but “and to your descendant,” referring to one, who is Christ.

Segun broke free from spiritual slavery because he did not just believe in the Lord Jesus, he was baptized, and he understood the implications and power of the baptism. Many believers have not disconnected from the limitations of their old life because they have not yet been baptized into Christ even though they have believed.

Before John the Baptist started baptizing people for repentance, the Jews had a similar practice of immersing people in water for purification. When a gentile wanted to convert to Judaism and become a proselyte, one of the rituals he would go through for this process to be complete was immersion in water. This signified death to his old life of being a Gentile, and resurrection into his new life as a Jew. The practical outworking of this meant renouncing his former culture and traditions as a gentile and embracing the Jewish laws and traditions. Because of this foundation and understanding, it was easy for the Jews to understand what baptism meant. It meant death to the old life and resurrection to the new life of God’s kingdom. If a person believes and is baptized into Christ, it means he has accepted Christ as His Lord and savior and renounced his former culture and traditions that contradict the way of Christ.

Go into today remembering that baptism into Christ is the way to permanently renounce the curses and blemishes of your old life, and receive the blessings and power of Christ. The blessings God promised Abraham was for him and Christ who would come as his descendant in the fullness of time. As a member of the body of Christ, you get to share in these blessings.

Prayer: Lord, help me renounce every way of the past and abide in you to the end.

— Abraham Damilola Arigi

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