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1Gn 1Mt 1Ezra 1Psalm 1
2Gn 2Mt 2Ezra 2Psalm 2
3Gn 3Mt 3Ezra 3Psalm 3
4Gn 4Mt 4Ezra 4Psalm 4
5Gn 5Mt 5Ezra 5Psalm 5
6Gn 6Mt 6Ezra 6Psalm 6
7Gn 7Mt 7Ezra 7Psalm 7
8Gn 8Mt 8Ezra 8Psalm 8
9Gn 9-10Mt 9Ezra 9Psalm 9
10Gn 11Mt 10Ezra 10Psalm 10
11Gn 12Mt 11Neh 1Psalm 11
12Gn 13Mt 12Neh 2Psalm 12
13Gn 14Mt 13Neh 3Psalm 13
14Gn 15Mt 14Neh 4Psalm 14
15Gn 16Mt 15Neh 5Psalm 15
16Gn 17Mt 16Neh 6Psalm 16
17Gn 18Mt 17Neh 7Psalm 17
18Gn 19Mt 18Neh 8Psalm 18
19Gn 20Mt 19Neh 9Psalm 19
20Gn 21Mt 20Neh 10Psalm 20
21Gn 22Mt 21Neh 11Psalm 21
22Gn 23Mt 22Neh 12Psalm 22
23Gn 24Mt 23Neh 13Psalm 23
24Gn 25Mt 24Esth 1Psalm 24
25Gn 26Mt 25Esth 2Psalm 25
26Gn 27Mt 26Esth 3Psalm 26
27Gn 28Mt 27Esth 4Psalm 27
28Gn 29Mt 28Esth 5Psalm 28
29Gn 30Mk 1Esth 6Psalm 29
30Gn 31Mk 2Esth 7Psalm 30
31Gn 32Mk 3Esth 8Psalm 31

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