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1Gn 33Mk 4Esth 9-10Psalm 32
2Gn 34Mk 5Job 1Psalm 33
3Gn 35-36Mk 6Job 2Psalm 34
4Gn 37Mk 7Job 3Psalm 35
5Gn 38Mk 8Job 4Psalm 36
6Gn 39Mk 9Job 5Psalm 37
7Gn 40Mk 10Job 6Psalm 38
8Gn 41Mk 11Job 7Psalm 39
9Gn 42Mk 12Job 8Psalm 40
10Gn 43Mk 13Job 9Psalm 41
11Gn 44Mk 14Job 10Psalm 42
12Gn 45Mk 15Job 11Psalm 43
13Gn 46Mk 16Job 12Psalm 44
14Gn 47Lk 1:1-38Job 13Psalm 45
15Gn 48Lk 1:39-80Job 14Psalm 46
16Gn 49Lk 2Job 15Psalm 47
17Gn 50Lk 3Job 16-17Psalm 48
18Ex 1Lk 4Job 18Psalm 49
19Ex 2Lk 5Job 19Psalm 50
20Ex 3Lk 6Job 20Psalm 51
21Ex 4Lk 7Job 21Psalm 52
22Ex 5Lk 8Job 22Psalm 53
23Ex 6Lk 9Job 23Psalm 54
24Ex 7Lk 10Job 24Psalm 55
25Ex 8Lk 11Job 25-26Psalm 56
26Ex 9Lk 12Job 27Psalm 57
27Ex 10Lk 13Job 28Psalm 58
28Ex 11:1-12:21Lk 14Job 29Psalm 59
29Joshua 1John 3Prov 1Psalm 23

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